​​​Advertising  and optimizing your business online is way beyond what one could imagine!



Having a website in one of the most important pieces to marketing your business today. The initial charge is well worth the cost; knowing that your company will be advertised and available world-wide 24/7 instead of paying for a traditional ad that will cost per print. With smartphones today, communities are decreasing on even purchasing a local paper due to the fact that with just a few swipes one can have the information they need within seconds. Now is the time to get your business out there and registered with search engines to be able to compete with other businesses of your specialty.


​As mention above, Smart phone are like a set of keys to your home or vehicle. It is a known fact that people ranging from a young age to the baby boomers are known to have their cell phones on them at all times. In small rural areas, some can not afford to drive in different directions to find a certain service or product so they will find themselves searching on their phones before even leaving their homes. It is nothing to add a map attachment to give them instant driving direction from when they currently are to where they need to go. If you do not have internet presence, you could be overlooked.


​I like to define Website Maintenance with your Home Maintenance. Most of us take a look checking light bulbs, batteries needing replaced or even a room that may need to me painted. The same is true for your website. It is an investment for marketing your business and it is a good practice to review your site at least once per month for any changes needed. Here are things you should check:

  • Date sensitive content such as an announcement of upcoming events (after the date passes, it should be removed).
  • ​External links - links connecting other sites to your website. Check to make sure the sites you have linked are still live and the links connection are still correct. Link destinations can change without knowledge.
  • ​Review all the pages on your website. Check navigation buttons are processing correctly and make sure all elements appear correct on all pages.
  • ​Check for images which are not displaying correctly or just need updating.



The Anatomy of a Small Business Presence

Cissy Miller Owner/Publisher

Web design and business marketing