Cissy Miller Owner/Publisher

Web design and business marketing

​​​Advertising  and optimizing your business online is way beyond what one could imagine!


"I am here to help you build your confidence and power into your life + business so you feel in control, instead of overwhelmed."

Family, friends and co-works know me as Cissy. I have spent most of my career in upper management; attending my first Web Design  course while working in healthcare management to help maintain the hospitals website. I found a true passion to carry this knowledge on as I moved throughout my career. While going back to collage majoring in Business Administration, I found myself attending Marketing courses to future my career in online marketing. 

Technology  has been spinning out of control for several years now. For a company to survive it has to keep up with the revolving changes to be competitive. As for my future, I am please to be working to empower and support others in expanding their knowledge and ability to grow their businesses.